Thinking of buying a beach house? Fortunately, there are numerous coastal towns and beachfront properties to choose from when purchasing a seaside abode. While finding a beach house shouldn’t be a problem, finding the right one can take quite a bit of research and house hunting. In this article, we will cover everything from the basics of buying an oceanfront property to the important factors you need to consider.

Some Of The Basics To Consider

First and foremost, you will need to have a healthy bank account. Oceanfront beach properties tend to be more expensive than those further inland. So, you will be shelling out a huge amount of cash. The second thing to consider is the climate. Some oceanfront properties are more prone to hurricanes or typhoons than others. You will need to factor that into your decision. And finally, are you a social person? Will you be comfortable with living in a social beach community, or do you prefer a more secluded beach community where the uncrowded beaches are perfect for swimming or just relaxing on the sugary sand.

Definitions Of Oceanfront Property

It is important to be clear about the different types of water-based housing as there are several options to consider.

  • Beach front– A beach front is a strip of land that fronts a beach. This term is often used interchangeably with oceanfront but technically refers to property that is located on the beach as opposed to adjacent to it.
  • Oceanfront – Oceanfront means facing the ocean. These properties come in all shapes and sizes. it can be a house, condo, or cottage. An oceanfront property is always situated in a prime location with waterfront views.
  • Oceanview – Oceanview describes the view of the property. It offers views of the ocean. It will not be on the water’s edge but will have lovely waterfront vistas.
  • Coastal property– While coastal is a generic term, the actual meaning of the phrase means homes that are near a major waterway in the U.S. market. Three of the most popular coasts include the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf Coasts where many properties are positioned. It is just a term that brokers use to describe property that has some form of connection to the water.

Benefits Of Investing In Waterfront Properties

Most waterfront properties are built with luxury in mind. Although there may be modern buildings and facilities in the vicinity, one quality that is never compromised is serenity. Developers of waterfront properties put a premium on ensuring residents’ peace of mind with minimal pollution and noise. This environment offers a stark contrast to living in the heart of a city with high-rise structures all around, not to mention the never-ending noise from traffic, machines, and people. The demand for these properties is high, meaning you can often get a good return on your investment. And who would not want a piece of paradise?

Are There Risks In Buying Waterfront Properties?

The process of buying an oceanfront property is no different from that of buying traditional property. There are always risks. The main risk associated with buying an oceanfront property is that it can be affected by storms, floods, and coastal erosion. The other risk for waterfront property is maintenance. Waterfront property can be more expensive to maintain. It is also important to be aware of the fluctuating water levels when buying an oceanfront property. The water level may rise or fall significantly throughout the year, which could impact your property value.

The Many Benefits Of Buying Oceanfront Property

Think about the stunning beach house, the gorgeous view, the fresh air, and the sound of waves crashing against the shoreline. Is there anything quite like it??? Oceanfront property can also be a great investment. It holds its value and the property is always in high demand. It also can be a great rental investment opportunity. Live in that beach house part of the year and rent it out the other months for a nice bit of pocket change.

Traditional Property Versus Oceanfront Property Ownership

The big difference is cost. The oceanfront proper is very expensive and has unique challenges and considerations when it comes to maintenance and insurance. So do your research and be aware of any zoning restrictions or regulations that may apply to the property you are interested in.

If your dream is to own a piece of waterfront property, our biggest suggestion is to work with a realtor, like Lisa, who specializes in luxury and waterfront properties.

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